• What are the qualities of every Kali-yuga?
  • Associate with sadhus that are favorable to your bhakti and are in the same mood as your Gurudev
  • Types of false sadhus
  • Sambahdha-jnana, mamata, seva-vritti

1:14 question (what is the quality of the Kali yuga that Mahaprabhu doesn’t come and there is harinama on it?), 25:50 question (how to achieve sambhanda jnana?), 27:18 (one lady stole the baby of another lady, than they go to court and the judge told to divide the baby in two parts), 52:44 lila (Udhava went to pacify the Vrajabasis), 1:13:40 lila (Hanuman went to Lanka and brought the news about Sita being hostage of Ravana there), 1:25:00 lila (Madhumangala put Krsna ornaments and try to get nice prasada from the gopis, but demon Keshi came to kill Krsna)


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