Playlist - USA 2019

18/12/19 – Morning program (English) – USA

26:30 lila (Uddhava in Vrindavan), 37:59 question (what happens to your mind goes to the next body?), 41:05 question (is the karma related with the subtle body?), 59:00 question (is it temporary to merge in to Brahman?), 59:54 lila (brahmana who lost his sons went to criticize Krsna, and Arjuna told he will protect the next son), 1:09:00 question (what means devotee, one who practices yoga is also devotee?), 1:13:26 question (if a devotee goes to Vaikuntha but he wants Goloka, can he go from Vaikuntha to Goloka? ), 1:16:12 question (if one attains Vaikuntha will he come to material world to go to Goloka?), 1:21:32 lila (Mahaprabhu going to Vrindavan true Jarikanda)

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17/12/19am – Hari-katha (English) – USA

35:17 upakhyan upadesha (poor boy meets with one who knows his rich father), 47:56 upakhyan upadesha (one tantric sadhu goes to one assembly with a skull and ask if that person was intelligent or a fool), 56:03 question (is the taste for harinama is the test to see how is your bhakti developing)

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13/12/19 am – Hari-katha (English) – USA

1:21:45 Lila (Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada went to collect money in a big factory company but the manager was busy, some years later the company was close and the manager became a beggar)

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