• You must have a clear decision as to what your cherished goal is.
  • Without sadhana it is not possible to attain the ultimate goal of being Radha-dasi, servant of Radha.
  • Guru-padasraya, diksa, siksa, vrsambhena, guru-sevaya.
  • Without guru-seva there’s no point in having a lot of knowledge.
  • If you don’t chant your mantras, you dishonour your Guru. It is necessary to follow the instructions of the Guru.
  • Initiation does not happen in a single day, it happens throughout the whole process, from sraddha to completion in bhava.
  • There is no excuse for not chanting your mantras.
  • The heart of the conditioned soul is like a stone.
  • The true story of the young fool (Kalidasa) and the panditas who, in revenge, made him pose as a scholar to marry a princess.
  • Music: Sri Radha Bhajana Mahima – Radha Bhajane Jadi.
  • One does not attain service to Krsna without surrendering to Radha – sakti and saktiman are no different.
  • How the young fool posing as a scholar became the famous pandita Kalidasa after practising austerity for Sarasvati-devi.
  • Kalidasa and King Vikramaditya.
  • The pandita who can make money by counting the waves of the sea.
  • About the son of King Vikramaditya who met the bear in the forest.
  • About the Manu Samhita.
  • When the maha-mantra is chanted, jnana and vairagya appear automatically.
  • When bhakti manifests, everyone worships you.
  • Vikramaditya asks Kalidasa why his son repeated four syllables.
  • The difference in poetry between Kalidasa and Rupa Gosvamipada.
  • About the lila when Srimati Radhika fainted in the feeling of separation from Krsna.
  • The essence of my hari-katha is that if you receive bhagavad-kripa, everything will manifest in the heart. Our main goal is to receive Bhagavan’s mercy.
  • In this life, try to get the mercy of the Guru and Krsna.
  • On Kesava Kasmiri and Caitanya Mahaprabhu.


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