• Tad viddhi pranipatena sloka.
  • The meaning of tattva-darshinah.
  • Shreya (spiritual conditions) and preya (material conditions) in our spiritual life.
  • Lack of money and excess of money are the causes of disturbance of the mind.
  • The Lord does not give you money because He knows that you will misuse it.
  • God is our real parent. He knows our hearts.
  • First you have to eat bitter things.
  • Types of pranamas.
  • Atma nivedana bhajana.
  • The meaning of pariprasnena.
  • Krishna hides and watches the gopis express their love for Him.
  • Kama-chakshu, prema-chakshu.
  • The meaning of sevaya.
  • Guru-seva examples (Upamanyu and Arunika to their Guru, Krishna and Sudama Vipra to Sandipani Muni, Giri to Shankaracharya).
  • Your life will be successful if you serve Guru with body, mind and speech.
  • The exemplary service of the Six Gosvamis.


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