• How the sadhu creates desire in our hearts.
  • About the care to be taken in speaking too high katha.
  • From the stage of anartha-nivritti it is possible to understand about transcendental things.
  • This body cannot stand the stage of prema.
  • Mahaprabhu asks Srivasa how he came to be in Krishna consciousness, his life story.
  • A sannyasi brahmana appears in Srivasa’s dream.
  • About dreams during brahma-muhurta.
  • The sloka harer nama harer nama that Srivasa read in the Purana.
  • Srivasa goes to Devananda Pandita’s hari-katha.
  • Devananda Pandita is speaking the katha of Prahlada Maharaja.
  • Who was the brahmana in Srivasa’s dream?
  • Mahaprabhu’s promise.
  • Nama, vigraha and svarupa.
  • Mahaprabhu glorifies Svetadvipa-dhama, the place of separation, vigraha.
  • Narada Rsi goes to Svetadvipa-dhama.
  • Gaura-dhama and Gaura-murti are transcendental.
  • Krishna is the form of meeting and Mahaprabhu is the same Krishna when absorbed in separation.
  • Gaura-lila and Krishna-lila are the same, they just manifest in different kalpas.
  • Mahaprabhu manifests His rasa-raja-mahabhava-svarupa before Raya Ramananda.
  • Radha only touches the body of Krishna.
  • There is no difference between the body and the soul of the Lord.
  • Gour Govinda Maharaja tells two beautiful stories: 1) When Krishna takes Radha’s mood, She knows that He cannot tolerate it and covers Him with His body. 2) When Radha and Krishna meet, She asks Him for something.
  • The symptoms of Mahaprabhu being absorbed in mahabhava: His hair standing up like thorns, blood, His teeth, His body like a turtle. Sukadeva Gosvami does not talk about this in the Bhagavatam, because he cannot tolerate that mood, he faints. That is the main reason why he does not talk about the gopis in the Bhagavatam.
  • Comparison of the banyan tree with the symptoms of mahabhava.
  • Jiva Gosvami explains: antar Krishna, bahir Gaura.
  • Priti-sandarbha: Prema is totally dependent on mamata.
  • Example of the mother protecting the baby from the wind with her own body.
  • What does the bona fide guru ask of the disciple?
  • The two symptoms of pranaya: one is never satisfied with Krishna’s darshana and wants to stay together all the time.
  • Example from Sanatana Gosvami in the Brihad-bhagavatamrita, about the disease that leaves a person with a fever and very thirsty, but who cannot drink water.
  • When Radha cries in happiness, She cannot see Krishna.
  • Tears of happiness and sadness.
  • Radha wants to embrace Krishna completely, at once.
  • The three reasons why Krishna appears as Gaurahari.
  • Gour Govinda Maharaja explains why Mahaprabhu has one arm up and one arm down.


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