• Our final destination is to serve the Divine Couple, Radha and Krishna.
  • Only through sadhu-sanga and hari-katha can we realise this destiny.
  • Association with the sadhu, even for a moment, brings about the perfection of the spiritual goal.
  • The person manifests what is in accordance with his association.
  • The story of the king and his 2 parrots, the most expensive one that sang glorifying the Lord and the cheapest one that kept cursing. Though they were brothers, one lived with a sadhu and the other with a hunter. (The Birds of Vikramaditya)
  • The difference between sat-sanga and asat-sanga is in our behaviour.
  • Only a pure devotee can change our life, our behaviour, and give us bhakti.
  • Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu used to say, “Give up bad association (asat-sanga).
  • Always associate with a high-class sadhu, a prominent rasika-vaisnava.
  • Associating with a jnani, a karmi, a yogi will not permanently transform your heart.
  • The difference between dharma and adharma, and the karmavadis’ distorted concept of perfection.
  • Only by practising bhakti in the association of the pure devotee of the Lord is it possible to attain the Lord.
  • Material human life without spiritual life is useless.
  • Birth in the human body is the only one that enables us to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.
  • After 8 million and 400 thousand species, we have got this human body, which is very rare.
  • Only chanting the holy names in the association of the sadhu can free us from this cycle of birth and death.
  • Always remember to chant the holy names.



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