• Mantra siddhi, sadhana siddhi.
  • Krishna never leaves Vrindavana. But Yogamaya makes the gopis suffer in separation from Krishna.
  • 4 types of separation. Srimati Radhika’s lila: She feels separation from Krishna while She is with Him when She hears that Madhusudana has gone (black bee).
  • All of Krishna’s incarnations except Krishna Himself are absorbed in Their supremacy.
  • The qualities of dhira-lalita-nayaka.
  • Krishna is a prince and has no duties or responsibilities. His mind is never disturbed.
  • Those who do not serve and have no responsibility complain.
  • 4 types of meeting.
  • Viraha nourishes milana. Viraha sees no faults.
  • In Bengal the government does not support widows.
  • Vamya-bhava, dakshina-bhava.
  • The fruit called mana is cooked perfectly by Bengalis.
  • Gopi-gita.
  • The story of an old woman who served Krishna and Narada Rishi (guru and disciple) by milking her cow and giving them fresh milk.
  • Proper use of money.
  • Krishna-samsara: Everything belongs to God.


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