• Madhurya-kadambini (tattva-siddhanta) and bhajana-rahasya (rasa-siddhanta).
  • The importance of sukriti. Jnata-sukriti and ajnata-sukriti.
  • Lakshahira, a prostitute, surrendered to Haridasa Thakura. Narada Rishi changed the life of the hunter Mrigari.
  • Bhagavat-kripa is very rare.
  • 6 opulences of Bhagavan.
  • Srimati Radhika holding Govardhana with Her gaze.
  • The sakhas of Krishna do not allow Him to look at Srimati Radhika while holding Govardhana so as not to drop it.
  • The lilas of baby Krishna.
  • The Vrajavasis complain both when baby Krishna comes to their houses and when He does not come to their houses.
  • Krishna explains to Narada that He always remains in the hearts of devotees.
  • Atmaramata and aptakamata of Krishna.
  • The story of how a son failed to repay his debt to his mother.
  • The story of how a boy cut his mother’s heart to satisfy his girlfriend.
  • Chanting Gopala mantras, Krishna mantras.
  • Never give up guru and never give up harinama.



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