• CC Madhya 22.100: Accept only that which is favourable to your bhakti and reject that which is not.
  • The story of how a man received the touchstone from Sanatana Gosvami.
  • Wealth is a source of misery and unhappiness. The more money you collect, the more difficult it is to keep it.
  • Give your money to krishna-seva.
  • Everything is useless compared to krishna-prema.
  • The power of nama-chintamani.
  • Over-following and under-following bhakti are obstacles to bhakti.
  • If you meditate on manjari-svarupa without qualification with anarthas, the big problem will come.
  • Our offence is that we have forgotten Krishna.
  • The duties of maya.
  • The story of Bharata Maharaja.
  • The stories of maya: the fight of two brothers; fire in a café.
  • The true guru chastises his disciples when he sees his faults.


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