• Vrajendra-nandana Syamasundara is the highest form of Krsna, the Supreme Lord, Gopi Vallabha.
  • There are three types of holy abode: purna, purnatara and purnattama.
  • What happened in Mathura-gatha when Krsna left Vrindavana.
  • Krsna becomes invisible in Vrndavana to see the loving moods of the Vrajavasis in separation.
  • Radha and Krsna are always together in Vrndavana and they have expansions to go to other places.
  • Different stages of ecstasy. Only Mahaprabhu and Radha get tortoise-like bodies as an intense effect of mahabhava.
  • Krsna stole Radha’s highest mood to experience it and came as Mahaprabhu to enjoy it, but Radha protects Him from the pains of mahabhava by covering Him with Her golden complexion. There is no difference between Radha’s colour and Radha Herself.
  • Krsna’s three reasons for appearing in the form of Goura Hari.
  • Krsna is advaita, not dual.
  • Krsna is the form of meeting (sambhoga-svarupa) and Goura is the form of separation (viraha-svarupa).
  • When you remember that you have lost krsna-prema, you will cry – sambhanda-jnana.
  • Mahaprabhu manifested three stages of ecstasy in the Gambhira: outer consciousness, semi-consciousness and inner consciousness.
  • Raya Ramananda, Svarupa Damodara and Govinda, Mahaprabhu’s servant.
  • Lila from the disappearance of Mahaprabhu and the fisherman who thought he was possessed by a ghost.
  • Lila of Srila Gurudeva BV Vana Gosvami Maharaja performing a fire ceremony and chanting the Nrisimha mantra by throwing water on the housewife who was possessed by a ghost.
  • Mahaprabhu spent 6 years travelling, 24 years in Jagannatha Puri and 18 years in Gambhira.


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