• The babies killed by Putana were not children of devotees, they were asuras. Different Puranas explain this lila of Putana. In different kalpas (periods of 1 day of Brahma’s life) different lilas of Krsna take place.
    -Curious story of another kalpa in which Putana steals five daughters from Vrndacal and Saci, his wife, and their most powerful and blessed daughters were Candravali, Visaka, Radha, etc.
  • Different Putanas appear in each age. Lilas vary, they are not exactly the same in all kalpas.
  • Krsna’s lilas happen continuously, from one Brahmanda (universe) to another.
  • Some lilas are different, some change, and some happen in a different order. The Putana we know in our Srimad Bhagavatam was liberated in a special way, but not all.
  • In Vrndavana, the lilas of the demons and the birth of Krsna do not actually take place.
  • Some lilas are eternal (nitya-lila) and others are occasional (naimitya-lila).
  • Viraha and pralambha mean separation, they are synonymous.
  • There are various pralayas (destructions) of the material world. There is pralaya (partial destruction, happens at the end of 1 day of Brahma) and maha-pralaya (total destruction, happens at the end of Brahma’s life). When you sleep it is also pralaya, pralaya means to forget everything.
  • The jiva is very small, has a very small brain and these things create a lot of tension in your mind. You should not go deep into these complicated matters with an obsessive mind because that leads to atheism. Everyone should learn according to his ability and have faith in the scriptures.
  • The holy places where lilas no longer occur are called drishyanam-prakash.
  • Only those who have transcendental vision see the transcendental, this vision happens only in the prema stage.
  • Krishna comes to earth with His dhama and parikaras, and when He leaves, He takes everything with Him. But He leaves some people here, like Uddhava and others, to preach.
  • There is lila and indrajalik-lila. Examples of indrajalik-lila: the iron ball on Samba’s clothes; the death of Krishna; the kidnapping of Krishna’s queens by a thief.
  • The curse that Narada received from Daksa does not work in Dvaraka.
  • The terrible curse that Samba receives from the rsis leads to the destruction of Krishna’s dynasty.
  • Story of the magician and his family who seemed to die in the king’s court.
  • Various stories of mystical yogis who perform magic to enchant people with their mantras-siddhis. This leads nowhere.
  • Practice sadhana and bhajana, chant the holy names so that your life will be successful.


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