• The story of Ahilya and Gautama Rsi. And the exchange of places of Treta and Dvapara Yugas.
  • The story of Vedavati, daughter of Queen Malavati.
  • Vedavati and Ravana.
  • Vedavati enters the body of Sita-devi.
  • Janaka Maharaja ploughs the earth and digs up a pot of gold with a beautiful baby girl in it and gives it to his queen Sunayana.
  • The story of Siva, Parashurama, Janaka Maharaja, Ravana, Sita and Rama.
  • Ravana did not appear at Sita’s wedding ceremony because he knew he could not lift Siva’s bow as he had failed on another occasion.
  • Visvamitra asks King Dasaratha.
  • Rama and Laksmana go to Visvamitra’s asrama and kill the demon Taraka and other asuras.
  • Visvamitra takes Rama and Laksmana to Sita’s svaymvara.
  • Gautama Rsi curses his wife Ahilya.
  • Sri Rama releases Ahilya from her stone-like curse.
  • Sita’s first encounter with Rama in a palace garden.
  • Ramacandra breaking Siva’s bow in Sita’s svayamvara and the events that follow.
  • The marriage of Sita and Rama and their brothers and sisters.
  • Everyone who comes into the material world cries, even Sita and Radha cried.
  • Dasaratha Maharaja decides to give the crown to Rama and the whole city of Ayodya becomes jubilant, fragrant, flowery, full of ghee lamps and decorated by the people who sing and dance with joy.
  • Manthara becomes angry and influences Kaikeyi against Rama’s coronation.
    -The story of how Kaikeyi saved the life of Dasharatha Maharaja, received two boons that she could ask for whenever she wanted, and married him.
  • The terrible and pathetic dialogue between Kaikeyi and Dasharatha when Rama enters the room and discovers what has happened.


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