• Lilas of separation from Mahaprabhu and Mahaprabhu’s associates.
  • Mother Saci accepts Mahaprabhu’s sannyasi and Mahaprabhu accepts Mother Saci’s request to stay in Jagannatha Puri.
  • In the outer consciousness, Mahaprabhu dances, sings and converses with devotees.
  • Every year, Sivananda Sena and several devotees stayed in Jagannatha Puri for four months to be close to Mahaprabhu.
    -Raghava Pandita and his sister Damayanti carried out various preparations for Mahaprabhu’s festival with the devotees.
  • Mahaprabhu did not use oil or soap. So Raghava Pandita took clay and made a special paste that Mahaprabhu used as soap.
  • Mahaprabhu always stays in Navadvipa, just as Krishna always stays in Vrndavana, even though He is invisible.
  • Mahaprabhu did sankirtana in Srivasa’s house.
  • The touching and beautiful lila of Mother Saci making Mahaprabhu’s favourite sabji, pumpkin with milk, and the preparation with banana leaves, in Navadvipa when He was already living in Jagannatha Puri. The distance didn’t stop Him from eating the preparations, and she was confused because she thought she hadn’t cooked.
  • Mahaprabhu’s beautiful, sweet and funny lila with His friend Sridhara, the vegetable seller of Navadvipa Dhama.
    -After coming out of the Gambhira and being found, Mahaprabhu says He remembers nothing.
  • Funny lila of Krsna having a swimming competition with Srimati Radhika.
  • Mahaprabhu occasionally talks about His own realisation, but His lila is very confidential, especially in Gambhira.
  • Lila from Advaita Acarya’s enigmatic letter to Mahaprabhu.
  • Explanation of the revelation in the Vedas on tattva-siddhanta concerning how and when Mahaprabhu should appear in the material world according to the yugas.
  • Advaita Acarya cites the appearance of Krishna in this Dhanya Kali Yuga because people were worshipping demigods and spirits, performing marriage ceremonies with cats and dogs, and so on.
  • Haridasa Thakura’s lila and the snake (Ananta Sesa) who lived in the same cave with him to hear him chant the holy names.
  • The difference between nama-abhasa and nama-aparadha.
  • Advaita Acarya is the combined embodiment of Maha-Visnu and Sadasiva, but he acts as a devotee by praying with Ganges water and Tulasi leaves.
  • In the same way that Advaita Acarya calls Mahaprabhu, he also warns Him of the time of His departure.
  • Mahaprabhu’s compassion is incomparable.
  • On the ceaseless transmigration of jivas from one Brahmanda to another.
  • At the time of Mahaprabhu’s appearance in this Brahmanda, He has liberated all the jivas. He is merciful and munificent.
  • In the same way that Mahaprabhu delivers the jivas present at the time of His lilas, Yogamaya arranges for the jivas practising sadhana and bhajana to be sent to the Brahmanda where He performs His gaura-lilas.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to receive Mahaprabhu’s mercy in this present time called the golden age.
  • There is need for sadhaka effort and mercy to be successful in spiritual life. Mother Yasoda tying Krishna to the pestle illustrates this.


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