– The process of Kali Yuga to reach God.
– Bhakti Yoga is very powerful.
– Krishna takes a vow that His devotees will never fall.
– Ajamila.
– The good qualification of Kali Yuga.
– The bad things that exist inside the body.
– The Needle and the Strainer – No one is looking at their own faults.
– Trnad api sunicena – detailed explanation of the verse. The four rules we must follow to practice Bhakti Yoga.
– Junior devotee and senior devotee – how to respect us.
– We should not criticize others. We should not look at the defect of others.
– The story of the saint and the prostitute.
– The story of Chapala Gopala.
– Grantha bhagavata and bhakta bhagavata.
– Vapu seva and vani seva.
– The story of the two monkey sevakas, the one serving on the left and the one serving on the right.
– The best guru seva.
– The 3 monkeys with eyes, ears and mouth covered.
– We have to learn first to preach afterwards. Learn the verses, write them down in your notebook.
– What happens when we see the defects of others.


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