• Akshaya means that which is never destroyed; Tritiya means three days of the new moon.
  • Akshaya-Tritiya comes once a year and it is a super auspicious day because you can do all kinds of pious activities without consulting astrologers and there will always be benefits. For example: taking diksha; installing Thakurajis; taking harinama; moving house; getting married; etc. It will always be auspicious.
  • The most auspicious days of the year are: appearance of Ramachandra, Akshaya-tritya, appearance of Madhvacharya and Vasanta-panchami.
  • Good and bad karma follow everyone. But all karma is destroyed by chanting the holy names – bhakti yoga.
  • Jnana-kanda and karma-kanda look like nectar, but they are like a pot of poison. They are destroyed when one performs loving devotional service to the Lord.
  • One should take the shelter of Bhakti-devi.
  • The four yugas: Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali. At the beginning of creation, Satya-yuga manifests in the very auspicious month of Vaishakha.
  • Astrological explanation of Akshaya-Tritya.
  • Sequence of appearances of the avataras of the Lord in each yuga, month and day.
  • In the present Kali-yuga (dhanya Kali-yuga), Kalki avatara does not appear because Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appears with His form, His svarupa, His vigraha at the beginning of this yuga and liberates all the jivas through harinama.
  • The beautiful song Ke Jabi Ke Jabi Bhai Bhava-sindhu-para.
  • Dhanya Kali-yuga is a special Kali-yuga because Mahaprabhu does not appear in all Kali-yugas. He appears in 1 Brahma day (one thousand cycles of the four yugas) after the appearance of Sri Krishna (at the end of Dvapara-yuga) and the beginning of dhanya Kali-yuga.
  • About Chandana-yatra.
  • Krishna’s Lila manifesting as Jagannatha, His molten form – Mahabhava form with His big eyes and big smile.
  • Some important events that took place on Akshaya-tritya day: manifestation of Jagannatha; Ganga-devi comes into this material world; Appearance of Parashurama; Vyasaseva composes Mahabharata; Pandavas enter the forest; Surya-devata gives the magic pot (akshaya-patra) to Draupadi; Duhshasana tries to undress Draupadi; Krsna kills Shishupala; Kuvera receives Mahadeva’s mercy; Sudama Vipra meets Dvarakadhisha Krishna; Bhadrinarayana Ashrama was inaugurated; Durga-devi gave much rice to Lord Shiva and he gave her the name Anapurna; Appearance of Banke Bihari in Vrindavana; Manasi-ganga and Krisnha performing lila; Appearance of Nrisimhadeva; Srila Gurudeva Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaja inaugurates the Bhaktivedanta Samiti; Brahmaji creates the material world.
  • By giving rice to Guru, Vaishnavas and Brahmanas or one grain to Thakurajis, one will never be poor;
  • In Akshaya-tritiya it is super-excellent to hear hari-katha and chant mantras to attain mantra perfection (mantra-siddhi).
  • Sequence of perfection: mantra-siddhi, sadhana-siddhi and bhava-siddhi, then svarupa-siddhi, vastu-siddhi and finally going to Goloka Vrindavana. Then the person becomes an associate of Krishna. See how today is a very special day!
    In this life try to attain two stages: mantra-siddhi and sadhana-siddhi.



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