• In the material world time is very short, but in the transcendental world it is unlimited.
  • When we talk about spiritual things, time takes a long time, but when we talk about mundane things, time passes so fast that we don’t even notice it.
  • Whoever is born in this material world will surely die one day, and again and again we are born from the womb. It is necessary to ask about the soul that is in the body.
  • Spiritual science speaks of the soul.
  • The soul is an integral part of the Supreme Lord.
  • The soul is eternal and it never dies.
  • It is very difficult to have soul realisation.
  • We should meditate on: “Who am I?”
  • The nature of the soul is to be the servant of the Lord:
    jīvera ‘svarūpa’ haya – kṛṣṇera ‘nitya-dāsa’
    kṛṣṇera ‘taṭasthā-śakti’ ‘bhedābheda-prakāśa’
  • Many people speak different philosophies, but they have no understanding of what the soul is. Some think they are God and say ‘aham brahmasmi’ because they are confused.
  • Funny story about the king who shaved his hair because Sunanda Gandharva left his body.
  • The jiva will never become God. Brahma is the Supreme. The Lord Himself says that He is God.
  • The word Brahma means brhad – great.
  • God is unique and unparalleled, so the philosophy that says ‘I am Brahma’ is not perfect.
  • Those who do not serve God are trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Everyone wants the pleasures of eating, sleeping, defending and mating, and these activities are common to animals and humans.
  • Everything belongs to the Lord, without the idea of “my/your”, so there is peace. Even the body does not belong to us.
  • What does “Maya” mean? It creates illusion in the heart of the badha-jiva (conditioned soul).
  • Maya can only be conquered by surrendering completely to Krsna.
  • Maya is bahiranga-sakti – the external potency of God.
  • The Lord has innumerable potencies, but three are very important: cit-sakti (transcendental potency that creates the transcendental world); jiva-sakti (creates the living entities); maya-sakti (creates the material world).
  • The Srimad Bhagavatam explains that the only way to know God and the soul is through the practice of devotional service to Krsna, bhakti-yoga.
  • It is not possible to realise God through karma, jnana, yoga, tapasya or sankhya.
  • Chant the holy names; they are the essence of all scriptures.
  • Krsna-katha is not different from Krsna, krsna-katha enters our heart and purifies our heart.


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