• Meaning of Aksaya
  • Parashurama and Lakshmana. Why Lakshmana told: “I am not a pumpkin”
  • On this day Brahma created material world, Ganga manifested today
  • Parikshit Maharaj was not really bitten by a snake. Coronavirus cannot touch pure devotees
  • Question: What prayers does the Lord hear?
  • Question: Is it true that someone who dies without receiving harinama and diksha from a guru will then be born an animal?
  • Question: If I raise my child from birth in Krishna consciousness, will he be a devotee?
  • Question: How can a sadhaka know that his chanting is a service?
    The art of living: how to stay in this material world and do bhajana
  • Even if you live under the tree you’ll have to sweep the leaves on the ground. Can you sleep on wet rocks from the rain and not get rid of insects biting you? So, to be renounced does not mean to give up everything. Moreover, when you give up everything, it means that you do not want to serve God, but that you want Him to serve Himself.
  • Question: Some people do nothing wrong, but diseases still come to them. Why?
  • Bhakti is not the result of sadhana; it comes only by mercy. But by doing sadhana, we create favourable conditions for receiving mercy
  • Question: Can Hindus marry muslims?
  • Ravana was proud to bow to Shivaji and criticized Rama that He is a beggar
  • Ravana and Sahasrarjuna
  • Question: When my young son repeats “Haribol”, is it nama-aparadha or nama-abhas?
  • If you lie to serve Krishna, it is no longer a lie. Example of Ashvathama
  • It is the guru’s duty to show you the right path, but it is you who should follow it

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