-Summary of today’s parikrama
-Ego drives offences
-Indra’s offence to the lotus feet of Krishna
-Respect demigods but do think that they are supreme
-Do not think you are the doers. The Lord is the doer
-Why cows are glorified in the scriptures
-Indra is the King Prataparudra in chaitanya-lila
-Markandeya Rishi was foretold to die as a child, but he paid obeisances to the sadhu and the sadhu blessed him with a long life
-Aishvarya-kadambini is a nice book
-Take the Lord’s darshana with your ears, not eyes
-Krishna is vadanyaya and Mahaprabhu is mahavadanyaya (most generous and benevolent)
-The gopis gave up everything for Krishna
-Krishna takes sannyasa in an attempt to pay His debt to the gopis
-4 types of separation and 4 types of meeting
-The meaning of the word ‘pravas’


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