Part 1

-Today, without consulting an astrologer, any activity started will be auspicious
-Today is also Raghunatha dasa Gosvami’s disappearance day and other Vaishnava days
-Vishnupriya-devi, the wife of Mahaprabhu is an ideal example of the perfect wife
-The brahmana’s curse on Mahaprabhu’s unhappy family life and taking sannyasa
-Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the worshipped deity of Kali-yuga (SB 11.5.34)
-Mahaprabhu abandoned His scholarship, name, reputation, wife and aged mother to take sannyasa
-People take sannyasa to help conditioned souls
-Mahaprabhu has taken sannyasa so that by bowing down to Him, people will get rid of their nama, vigraha and svarupa aparadhаs
-The shastras say that if you don’t pay homage to a sannyasi in bowing, you will go to hell after death
-If a sannyasi bows to you, you lose all your sukriti
-Types of vigraha-aparadhas
-Offer all results of your fruits to God and you will be free from the reactions
-Mahaprabhu would go to Sridharа’s shop every day and take the white pumpkin and banana flowers without paying any money
-The day before taking sannyasа, Lord Chaitanya joked with His wife Vishnupriya for the first time

Part 2


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