-We change our bodies but the soul is eternal and transcendental
-Types of bodily conceptions
-4 things are common to humans and animals – eating, sleeping, mating and defending – but krishna-prema is unique only to humans
-Shuddha bhakata charana renu bhajana
-Three rules to follow to become Srimati Radhika’s maidservant
-Only those who chant the holy names are happy
-Serve Vaishnava and chant harinama with him
-Only through association with pure devotees we can attain Krishna
-We chase behind maya and she bitterly beats us
-The Lord wants only bhakti from you
-Guru-nishtha: I know only the mercy of my Gurudeva
-Never give up guru and never give up harinama
-31 December 2022 will never come again
-Today is the day of closing accounts. You have to build up your profile of how many profits and how many losses there are in your spiritual life


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