-When jivas fortune arises one listens to hari-katha in sat-sanga.
-We didn’t bring anything with us. Will we take anything with us?
-Wherever Lord Ramachandra(Sevya) is there , there will be Hanuman(sevak).
-Ramayan katha of Mathanga Rishi allowing Sabhari to stay in ashrama in spite of brahmana boys’ resistance & later on gets darshan of Lord due to her guru-vakya-vishvasa.
-Faith in the guru’s orders is the backbone of bhakti.
-The eagerness & hankering of bhakta to have Bhagavan’s darshan & Bhagavan having more eagerness to give His darshana.
-In Kali-yuga one has to do nama-bhajana on the guru’s orders.
-What is shraddha?
-The more seva-vritti arises the more one’s chitta becomes nirmala.
-About Vaishnava language of katha-seva,nama-seva & prasada-seva.
-2 types of sneha Gritha-sneha(Chandravali) & Madhu-sneha(Srimati Radhika & her sakhis).
-About gopis madiyatva-bhava & Dvaraka queens tadiyatva-bhava.
-Bhajan means seva & one has to do it with mamata or else it leads to duty bounded.
-Krsna is bound by gopis & says He is indebted to them.
-Gopis have sacrificed everything, even chastity for Krsna.
-Story of a chaste brahmani who stopped sunrise & Anusuya-katha of making Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as small children.
-Gopis are topmost among chaste women & Srimati Radhika is highest among them.
-Krsna says that based on the degree of surrender I will award results.
-Lakshmi-devi is still doing tapasya in Belavan to enter into rasa-lila.
-Krsna rolls Himself in the dust of Vraja so as to touch gopis lotus feet dust.
-Krsna spends more time with Srimati Radhika in Seva-kunja, and Nikunja rather than with Chandravali & Dvaraka queens.


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