-By Srila Paramagurudev’s mercy hearts are melted.
-By guru-nishta one gets Bhagavath-prema.
-Govinda rests in gurudev’s heart.
-Bhagavan is bound by sadhus. Sakhas,gopis & Yashoda Maiyya bound Krsna.
-Srimati Radharani’s prema is highest & She has bound Krsna.
-Bhagavan is controlled by prema.
-About the waves in bhava like the waves of the ocean.
-Rasa-madhurya cann’t be explained by words.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu saying to Svarupa Damodhar that both of them are mad persons.
-Lila Katha is highest & cann’t be understood by vidya,buddhi but by sarala hrudaya.
-About tattva-darshan & rasa-darshan.
-Krsna being Supreme person behaves like a common man & pays obeisances to the feet of sakhis,Guru-rupa sakhi at the door of Srimati Radhika after She closes the door due to mana.
-How gurupada padma is doing seva like sakhi both in siddha-rupa & sadhaka-rupa has to be known & realised.
-Srila Parmagurudev sadhana during early morning daily.
-In siddha-svarupa how Srila Paramagurudev served Srimati Radhika.
-By Guru’s Kripa his service to Srimati Radhika will manifest in heart & not to be imagined.
-Srila Raghunatha dasa gosvami getting bhava-sphoorti of Radha-kunda.
-Lila of Krsna caressing the hair of Srimati Radhika & Rupa-manjari massaging the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika.
-By doing nama-bhajan one will get sphoorti & all lilas will manifest in the heart naturally.
-The more one’s chitta becomes clean, gurupada padma’s bhava will manifest in the heart.


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