-6 symptoms of suddha-bhakti: Kleshagni,Subhada,Moksha Laghutartik,Sudurlabhatha,Sandaratma Viseshatma, Krsna akarshini and when do they manifest.
-Types of sins & karma(Prarabdha & Aprarabdha) & jivas suffering due to them.
-Suddha-bhakti destroys both types of karma whereas jnanis have to experience prarabdha karma.
-Just by darshan of Mahaprabhu during His travel in South India all got freed from sins & attained prema.
-By touching Ganges all sins are removed & by Vaishnava darshan heart is purified.
-Lack of sraddha is the reason why one isn’t rid of sins inspite of bathing in Ganges & having darshan of vaishnavas with example of fisherman bathing in Ganges.
-Without Sraddha you cann’t develop spiritual life.
-Jivas have offences which are like thunderbolts.
-Once a holy name manifests on the tongue , one cann’t commit sinful activities.
-Reason for heart not being soft inspite of guru padashraya & chanting is asakti on visaya & is like riding a boat with the anchors on.
-mamottamaśloka-janeṣu sakhyaṁ(6.11.27) sloka discussion.
-Anarthas willn’t be removed only by chanting without sadhu-sanga. Sadhu-sanga frees one from maya.
-Nama-aparadha goes by chanting but vaishnava-aparadha is very difficult to remove.
-Who can have vaishnava darshan actually.
-Lila of Krsna showing partial universal form as Duryodhana & his party cann’t see Krsna due to aparadhas & tried to imprison Him.
-yat-pāda-paṅkaja-palāśa-vilāsa-bhaktyā(4.22.39) sloka discussion.
-About papa,papa-bheej & kuta. First there will be papa-vasana & then papa.
-By practising bhakti all papa-vasana goes away.
-Saubhari Rishi katha of performing hard austerities & still not getting freed from the heart disease.
-About following ekadashi & difference in austerity levels in other yugas & kali-yuga.
-Jivas have a lot of offences,sins & don’t have sraddha to chant. What is the solution for them?
-Types of sukriti & How worshipping Tulasi Maharani gives different types of sukriti & their impact.


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