-Jaya and Vijaya incarnations
-Comparing the merits of King Parikshitа with those of Kings Shibi and Harischandra
-Charity will succeed if directed towards Vaishnava
-Hari-katha stories that seem to have little spiritual value are told to hold the interest of the audience
-What good is it to explain the tattva to someone who is on the edge of death
-Lila of Sankachora (Srimati Radhika curses Sridama)
-The story of the princess who got diksha from a thief and a crook
-How Krishna was perceived by various heroes of the Mahabharata
-Comparing Sita-devi’s chastity to a blade of grass
-Some people say I tell the same hari-katha and ask me to tell a different one


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