-What characteristics does a sadhaka show when he comes to a deep stage of attachment?
-Bhajan-ruci & Bhajaniya-asakti happens in asakti-dasa.
-First asakti comes on to guru & transforms to Bhagavan.
-No difference between ruci & asakti other than level of maturity.
-In asakti-dasa Bhagavan gives darshan in a sporadic manner & bhakta thinks it as a dream.
-The more one does bhajan the more one becomes humble.
-Asakti-dasa bhakta mind gets absorbed in Bhagavan even though he speaks about mundane talk.
-How do different types of people consider a bhakta in asakti-dasa?
-Rati matures into bhava & then into prema.
-When sadhak comes in stage of asakti he considers mukti as insignificant.
-Bhava-dasa bhakta is worshippable to brahmanas , devatas etc.
-Uddhava is saying gopis’ life in Vraja is successful as they have rudha-bhava towards Krsna.
-If one doesn’t get ruci in Bhagavan’s anantha-katha(rasa-lila) one’s life is useless.
-In bhava-dasa Bhagavan gives darshan.
-How bhakta gets unconscious due to Bhagavan’s qualities of saundarya,saurabhya,sausvarya,
saukumārya,saurasya,audārya,kāruṇya & Bhagavan makes bhakta to taste the nectar.
-Krsna gets attracted by Srimati Radharani nupur-dhvani(ankle bells).
-How Bhagavan touches bhaktas of different rasas.
-Mahaprabhu is saying to Jagadannada to make Saci-mata smaran of her feeding Him.
-Krsna gives prema in Vraja & Mahaprabhu gives it everywhere.
-What are Karuna & Audarya & how they are manifested by Bhagavan.
-Bhakta considers himself as aparadhi due to his insignificant comparsion of Lord’s beauty


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