Part 1

-If you are not one-pointed with sadhu,guru,vaishnavas you won’t develop bhajan.
-Different types of faith & the different levels of devotees with those faiths.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu not giving mercy to Mukunda for not being one-pointed.
-Different types of sadhus & 3 types of Uttama-Bhagavath.
-Topmost sadhu-sanga is sajatiya asraya snigdha satovary.
-Characteristic of priti is to chastise.Wherever mamatha is there order comes.
-Narada Rishi Charithra as a small boy in previous life serving santa-mahatma.
-Bhagavath-bhajan & sat-sanga has to be beyond 3 modes of maya.
-Associate with Vraja-rasik sadhu.
-Sanga means to follow him & hear hari-katha & kirtan from him.
-About bhakta-pada dhuli,bhakta-pada jala & bhakta-bhukta sesha.
-Different types of bhajan & different types of anishtitha-bhajan.
-About 4 types of anarthas.
-What is nishta,ruci & asakti & difference between ruci & asakti.
-How does a person in asakti-dasa behave?
-How different people consider a person in asakti-dasa.
-Symptoms of a person in bhava-dasa.
-Srila Radghunatha Gosvami says to Krsna he wants Radharani Kripa but not His.
-State of bhakta on having darshan of Bhagavan & each of them converse in humility.

Part 2


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