-Vikramaditya asks Kalidasa who is foolish
-Radharani used to come here to worship the Sun-god, but She does not teach us to worship demigods. She just used this excuse of worshipping the Sun-god to meet Her beloved Govinda
-The spiritual world does not need the sun but for lila purposes Krishna Himself plays the role of the sun
-Worshipping the sun brings many cows
-The meaning of surya-namaskara
-Krishna and Madhumangala disguise as the brahmanas
-Suryaya-namaha and mitraya-namaha meaning
-Vamshi-chori-lila (the flute of Krishna and the ring of Srimati Radhika)
-Without the flute Krishna is not able to gather the cows
-The instruction of Srila Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaja to brahmacharis not to immerse prematurely into ashta-kaliya-lila but to plant eggplants and to serve God


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