-Manifestation of Radharani in different places in different kalpas.
-Vrishabhanu Maharaj saw Srimati Radhika on lotus flower in Vrishabhanu-khor.
-Description of beauty of Srimati Radhika as a baby.
-Why is it called Vrishabhanu-khor?
-Prema sara bhava & bhava sara Mahabhava & Mahabhava Svarupini is Radharani.
-Lila of Durvasa Rishi blessing Srimati Radhika that food made by Her will be nectar after getting defeated in the hands of Srimati Radhika.
-Yashoda Maiyya calls Radharani to make food for Krsna.
-Yashoda Maiyya making Jatila , Kutila to allow Radharani to cook for Krsna.
-Nandagao consider Krsna as their son.
-Barsana people consider Radharani as their daughter.
-Why do Vrajavasis wander from one place to another?
-About places in upcoming parikrama.
-About Brahma Parvath, Vishnu Parvath & Nandeshwara Parvath.


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