-Water sports of Krishna and the gopis
-Krishna is the most important person in Yadava dynasty
-Krishna knows everything still He asks Uddhava what to do
-Mahaprabhu is the savior of the fallen, but not the duplicitous people
-Why Krishna sends Uddhava to Vraja, not other exalted personalities
-How Krishna equipped Uddhava to go to Vrajа
-Bhagavan’s remnants (food, clothes) help to conquer maya
-Krishna gives complete detailed description of Vraja to Uddhava
-Utkantha-mayi-prema, viveka-shunya-prema, vishrambha-prema
-The gopis and Nanda Maharaja are not comforted by Uddhava’s words
-Why Sita-devi does not die in separation with Lord Ramachandra
-Whose parental love is higher? Nanda Maharaja’s or Dasharatha Maharaja’s
-Uddhava sees the mood of Srimati Radharani


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