-Adi Badrinath – all tirthas have manifested from here.
-Krsna is shaktiman & Srimati Radharani is poorna shakti.
-Vrajavasis are nitya-parikar but Yogamaya makes them feel like ordinary humans.
-Vrajavasis thinking to go to tirthas.
-Why one should go to tirtha.
-4 dhams Kedarnath,Badrinath,Gangotri & Yamunotri.
-All tirthas again & again & Ganga-sagar atleast one time.
-Lila of Krsna manifesting AdiBadrinath with help of yogamaya for Vrajavasis.
-Manasi-Ganga appeared from Krsna’s mind.
-Do seva of guru,vaishnava.
-Story of a person laughing at Yamadutas when they drowned him in pond of stool and the reason told by him is that they will respect his feet from next day as vaishnava is going to be born in his family.
-Do hari-nama & follow 4 regulative principles & don’t criticise vaishnavas.
-Bhagavan takes sattvic-bhojan.


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