-Lila of Krsna making Subala disguised as Radharani & embarassing Jatila & Kutila in their plan to catch Radharani red-handed.
-At Bhandirvata madhurya, vatsalya & sakhya lila happened.
-Krsna drank the fire to save the cows & sakhas & tattva behind the lila.
-Krsna used to call all cows with names like Shyamali etc.
-Viveka-sunya-prema, vishrambha-prema, uthkanta-mayi-prema.
-Once Krsna did rasa-lila & sakhis said they are thirsty. Krsna with flute made a well called Shyamathalayya & fed sakhis.
-Lila of Sridhama waiting for Krsna to come back in viraha & Mahaprabhu picked him up.
-Due to gopis tears Vraja doesn’t have any dust as the tears have washed Krsna’s footprints in Vraja.
-Vraja gopis will make their bodies as a boat & will make Krsna cross the Yamuna river.


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