-Human life is very very rare & temporary.
-Prahlada Maharaj said sober persons perform bhajan-sadhan in early age.
-Sadhu comes to give bhakti but not to take.
-Sraddha is the container needed to take something from sadhu.
-Which is a good day & bad day.
-Lila of Narada Rishi making a busy king aware that he won’t take anything with him after death.
-Manasarovar: place filled with tears of Radharani & Krsna asks to keep Her leg on His head.
-Jivas come together & get dispersed like a bundle of grass in river.
-About karma & how its results will yield favourable & unfavourable things.
-If we do Bhagavath-bhajan all karma will get destroyed.
-Your auspiciousness will be based on how much you serve bhakta.
-Once you go to Bhagavath-dhama you will not come back.
-To get Sat-sadhu is difficult.
-With Ikanthika Nishta do bhakti You will get everything.
-In Gita Bhagavan says He will protect whatever you have & give you whatever you lack.
-Lila Of Krsna & Balarama providing Arjun Mishra the necessary things when he cann’t get the needed things in bhiksha & doubted ananyāśh chintayanto māṁ ye janāḥ paryupāsate sloka.
-Lila of Srila Paramagurudev thinking about holy-name & getting an important paper for inspection in his job
-Srila Paramagurudev taking shelter & surrendering at Srila Bhakti Prajnana Keshava Gosvami Maharaj.
-Submit yourself to lotus feet of guru & Bhagavan.
-Lila of Radhaji asking Sethji(who considers Radharani as his daughter in Barsana)as why he didn’t buy bangles for Her but brought for his daughter-in-laws.

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