-Krsna took birth in Vraja & appeared in Mathura.
-Krsna did His lila in Vraja giving bliss to all & left for Mathura to relish vipralambha-rasa
-Krsna killing Chanur,Mustika, elephant & finally killing Kamsa to save Devaki,Vasudeva.
-Krsna shifting all Mathuravasis to Dvaraka to avoid Jarasandha’s attacks.
-Krsna went to Mathura from Dvaraka,killed Dantavakra & then to Vraja & left for aprakta Goloka Vrindavan.
-In Vraja Krsna won’t wear crown like in Dvaraka.
-Krsna in Dvaraka is with chaturbhuja form with sankha,chakra,gada,padma.
-Vraja Krsna wears peacock & holds flute but not Dvarakadish Krsna or mathuradish Krsna.
-Lila of Krsna giving parijatha flower given by Naradaji to Rukmini & then Sathyabhama gets anger & Krsna fights with Indra to give Parijatha tree to Sarhyabhama.
-Sri Krishna Thulabharam Lila where Krsna’s weight comes down due to Tulasi offered with Ganga jal.
-Lila of Krsna doing haas , parihas with Rukmini-devi by saying He isn’t perfect match for Her & it would be better for Her to marry Sisuphala. Rukmini-devi falls unconscious on hearing it.


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