-Vraja-bhava in jiva’s heart will be nitya.
-Jiva is an eternal servant of Krsna.
-About Jiva Jago song discussion.
-Guru’s duty is to awaken sishya & take him to the spiritual world.
-Our acharyas in guru-varga say until my sishya is liberated I will come again & again to pick him up.
-Sad-guru 3 qualities: sastra-jnana, visaya vairagya, realization.
-Sad-guru will take sat-sishya by catching his hand & offer him to Srimati Radhika.
-Without Vraja-kirtanа your kirtan isn’t complete.
-Brahma-vimohana-lila & Brahmaji’s glorification of Lord with regard to Vraja.
-Vrajavasis have manifested laukika-sat-bandhu priti with Krsna.
-Vrajavsis like sakhas can give their remnants of food to Krsna but not Sabari, Sita-devi, Lakshmi-devi or any others.
-Narayana, Ramachandra won’t steal, but Krsna, like an ordinary child, steals butter.
-How the great stealer is Krsna & what could He steal.
-Even if one takes the Lord’s name one will be liberated from all sins – example in Ajamila katha.
-If one takes Radha nama, Krsna will be pleased.
-Krsna speaking of His inability to clear the debts of gopis.
-Srimati Radhika says, I have love & affection with Krsna & can’t give Him up even if My family members, Guru insult Me. This is called nishtha.
-Lila of Draupadi being saved from Durvasa Rishi’s anger by Krsna who took a small grain of rice from Akshaya patra.
-Sadhu and Guru wander everywhere to awaken the jivas.
-The more one listens, one’s seva-vritti will awaken.


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