-Gopala-mantra is the king of all mantras.
-One who receives Gopala-mantra or Vishnu-mantra is a vaishnava.
-If you do bhajan-sadhana to Vishnu you will be free from all debts.
-Sukhadev Goswami told Parikshit Maharaj in the 5th canto about hellish planets.
-Story to tell how a son can’t clear the debt of mother.
-Everyone is indebted to Krsna.
-Story of a devotee worshipping Durga-devi & asking for liberation.
-Govinda is the cause of all causes.
-Govinda is one who gives pleasure to all our senses.
-All the senses in the body are controlled by demigods.
-Worship Govinda & demigods will be happy.
-If you have any relation with vaishnava you will attain the abode of Lord.
-Prahlada Maharaj requests Narasimhadev Bhagavan to liberate Hiranyakasipu.
-Just make friendship with pure devotees of the Lord.
-Never criticise any vaishnava & chant holy-names.
-You are a servant of Krsna & resident of Goloka Vrindavan.
-Krsna gets pleased when one reads Bhagavad Gita.
-Without past impressions you can’t develop spiritual life.


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