-Without prasadam you cannot do bhajan & sadhan.
-State of Vrindavan cows, birds on hearing Krsna’s flute.
-Why Krsna goes from one forest to another in Vrindavan.
-How gopis will know in which forest Krsna goes.
-Prema isn’t expressed openly but hidden.
-If you ask Srimati Radhika if She likes Krsna She says no, how is it possible.
He is blackish & a cheater.
-Lila of Krsna saying He is the husband of Vrinda-devi & His conversation with gopis.
-State of deers on hearing Krsna’s flute & His patting to them.
-Essence of life is Krsna-prema.
-About 6 Gosvamis bhajan & why did they sleep under different trees everyday.
-Mahaprabhu is acting like a sadhaka.
-Srimati Radhika sees Krsna everywhere & so is Uttama MahaBhagavath.
-Srimati Radhika says we have to take shelter of Giriraj Govardhan.
-How does the sight of a mountain,river stimulate lilas in the heart of MahaBhagavath.
-Krsna is the embodiment of mellows. Akhila rasamrita sindhu.
-Our Gosvamis in the role of sadhakas teaching us how to do bhajan sadhan.
-Just take shelter of holy-names Mahaprabhu will protect you.
-Just sit inside the boat of hari-nama & gurudev is captain driving the boat.
-When pure holy-names manifest on the tongue it’s difficult to stop.
-Story of a disciple not willing to serve & saying nameachi.
-Baddha-jiva has to serve guru,vaishnava & Krsna.
-If you chant alone, Gita-samsara will come.
-Root cause of bhakti is sadhu-sanga.

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