-Nanda Maharaj called all brahmanas to give blessings to his son.
-3 types of listeners.
-How does hari-katha clean one’s heart & make asana for the Lord.
-Except hari-bhajan everything goes away.
-If you take Bhagavath-nama at least once you will not come to this world like Ajamila.
-Keep children’s names as Bhagavan’s name so that you can take Bhagavath-nama at least.
-Whom does 4 Vishnudutas & 3 Yamadutas represent who came at time of Ajamila’s death.
-Unless one takes shelter of a sad-guru, one won’t cross the material world.
-How Guru is sadhakas dhyana-mulam, pooja-mulam, mantra-mulam & moksha-mulam.
-By wandering in this world, extremely fortunate ones take shelter of sad-guru.
-Only those who do hari-bhajan are happy.
-Importance of taking 5 chaste ladies names in the early morning.
-No generation in the family of kanishta, madhyama & uttama adhikari gets liberated.
-Story of a person foreseeing a Vaishnva’s birth in his family & laughing at Yamadutas in spite of the severe punishment.
-Vaishnava is one who takes shelter of sad-guru & chants Gopala-mantra and who does Vishnu-archana.
-About panchopasana & names given to worshippers.
-Prescribed methods of worship in 4 yugas.
-Importance of wearing tilak, kanti-mala.
-Meaning of Arati.
-One year earlier doing yagna in a house. Srila gurudev chanted Narasimha mantra & sent a ghost away from a girl’s body one year back.


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