-By doing bhajan one knows about sadhu-sanga mahima & bhakti.
-One who knows Bhagavan’s janma, activities, are transcendental will not come to this world.
-Lila of Lord Vishnu giving benediction to Prsni & Sutapa & coming as their son in 3 lives.
-Just by chanting Lord Narasimha’s name & Prahlada all papa (sins) will go away.
-About the final lineage of Prahlada Maharaj.
-Importance of respecting brahmanas and cows to please Bhagavan.
-Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur says that if everyone in a household does bhajan with one-pointedness, that house is Goloka Vrindavan.
-Until one gets sad-guru one will not enter into spiritual world.
-Importance of wearing Tilak, Kanti-mala & importance of birth of a Vaishnava in a family.
-Story of a person foreseeing a Vaishnva’s birth in his family & laughing at Yamadutas in spite of severe punishment.
-Lila of Lord Vamanadev coming as dwarf brahmana & asking for tripada-bhumi from Bali Maharaj.
-Ask for bhakti, seva from Bhagavan.
-What worried Sukracharya & what pleased Bali Maharaj to do.
-Lila of Bankim Bihariji coming as a small boy & chasting sethji, saying that he is a big beggar asking Thakuraji for 3 crores.
-Sad-guru will make sat-sishya hear hari-katha.
-Who can be a real father, mother, guru etc.
-By sad-guru, kripa janma-mrityu chakra will be cut down.
-What to check in a sadhu before you accept him as guru. When to reject a guru?
-Qualities of sad-guru.
-Lila of Vamanadev Bhagavan blinding Sukracharya & taking everything from Bali Maharaj.
-Relation of Ganges to Vamanadev Bhagavan Katha & different names of Ganges.
-Lila behind Ratnavali coming as Putana & attaining Goloka as maidservant of Yashoda maiya.


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