-Spiritual things completely depend upon simple faith in guru & sastra.
-Absolute Truth you have to realize by practicing devotional service to the Lord.
-Spiritual things are beyond our material mundane conceptions.
-When Lord Himself mercifully manifests in our heart then we realize.
-Story of a baby lamb killed by a wolf with illogical reasons.
-Everything you may understand by disciplic succession.
-3 things needed for spiritual life 1.Sad-guru 2.shastra 3.mandira.
-Baddha-jivas have 4 faults.
-Bhagavan’s senses are eternal, perfect & transcendental with no faults.
-How 3 modes of nature act throughout the day.
-Whatever Bhagavan says is Absolute Truth.
-Krishna says all living entities are His part & parcels.
-Krishna Himself says He is the supreme & none is equal to him or above Him.
-Everybody has to become His devotee, pay obeisances unto His lotus feet.
-Chant Holy names & be happy.
-When pure names manifest on your tongue its difficult to stop chanting.
-During jaundice whatever you eat you feel it as bitter. Same is when you chant with no taste. But keep changing and jaundice will go away

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