-Lord & jivas are sat-cid-ananda but Lord is infinite & jivas are minute.
-Primary & secondary meanings of Brahman.
-Brahman is svagata svajatiya vijatiya bheda rahitа.
-Lord is one but with inconceivable potencies.
-Lord manifests many forms divided into svayam-rupa, tadekatma-rupa (incarnations), avesha.
-Vyasadevаji explained about 24 incarnations & finally said all those incarnations manifested from Krishna.
-Bhagavan is one who has 6 opulences.
-Joke about the word Maharaja.
-Lila of Mahaprabhu taking pumpkin from Sridhar without giving him money.
-One who has Krishna prema is rich person.
-Lila of Krishna choosing to protect imprisoned kings after getting letters from Yudhishthira Maharaja & from kings of Jarasandha’s jail.
-Krishna has 64 qualities and 4 of them are extraordinary.
-About Krishna’s opulences: beauty, knowledge, renunciation, power.
-About Anantadeva Bhagavan.
-Baladeva Prabhu as akhanda-guru-tattva. He serves Krishna in different ways to show jivas how to do krishna-seva.
-Baladeva Prabhu is vishaya vigraha but actually absorbed in ashraya vigraha.
-All cid-dhama manifested by Baladeva Prabhu.
-The presiding deities of existence, knowledge & ananda.
-How different names of Baladeva Prabhu like Sankarshana, Baladeva & Rama came.
-When our sukriti is matured & accumulated then chaitya-guru will give inspiration in our heart about tattva-siddhanta.
-Without chaitya-guru’s mercy we can’t attain Krishna.

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