Playlist - Brazil 2022

03/03/22am – Types of vraja-prema (English) – Brazil

-Satyavrata Muni describes how Krishna performs many lilas in Vraja
-Sambandhatmika-prema and kamatmika-prema
-Sambhoga-iccha-mayi and tat-tat-bhava-iccha-mayi prema
-About how one man wanted to straighten a dog’s tail
-Don’t go to maya. Tamaso ma
-Guru-nishtha is a backbone of our bhajana-sadhana
-Nama-nishtha and bhajana-nishtha is our goal. Be one-pointed
-Types of gopis
-Mana of Srimati Radhika at rasa-lila

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02/03/22pm – Sri Bhagavat-saptaha, day 6 (English) – Brazil

-Krishna performs 2 kinds of lilas: anugraha to bhaktas & nigraha to demons.
-3 aspects of Absolute Truth.
-Marjaniya & Markata philosophy.
-Lila of Narada Rishi cursing Nalakuvera & Manigriva whom Krishna liberates & sends to Goloka Vrindavana as Snigdha-kantha & Madhu-kantha.
-Lord killing demons through Pandavas in Kurukshetra.
-paritranaya sadhunam sloka discussion.
-Brahmaji getting confused due to Krishna eating remnants of sakhas.
-Lila of Krishna sitting on Durvasa Rishi’s lap & asking him who won among His friends & Himself.
-Games Krishna plays with sakhas.
-Lila of Krishna eating mud & Yashoda-maiya asking Him to open His mouth after hearing complaints from His friends.
-Vrajavasis never consider Krishna as Bhagavan in spite of Himself showing Dirga Vishnu form, killing demons etc.
-Before rasa-dance He performed 2 sweet lilas.
Kaliya-damana-lila, giriraja-dharana-lila.

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02/03/22 midday – Chanting holy names in a healthy body (English) – Brazil

-One’s mind depends on one’s food. If you food is not sattvika, your mind will be disturbed
-Before you go to toilet in the morning, chant holy names
-If your heart is neat and clean you an concentrate your mind on God
-Take care of your health to be able to chant holy names
-If your health is good then your mind will be good. But regardless of your health, you should devote your time to chanting holy names
-Harinama is the food for the soul

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02/03/22am – Morning darshan (English) – Brazil

-3 stages of bhakti: aropa-siddha-bhakti, sanga-siddha-bhakti, svarupa-siddha-bhakti
-26 qualities of guru’s qualification
-At the stage of asakti and bhava-dasha a sadhaka slowly will begin to realise his own constitutional form
-Vrajavasis are krishna-seva-bhava-murti
-Saubari Rishi’s austerities and his offence to Garuda
-When you are at work you have to associate with people but do not be attached to them
-Preach to people 1-2 times, if they do not listen, ignore them
-The Glories of Tirthanidhi Didi
-6 types of not perfect sevakas

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01/03/22pm – Sri Bhagavat-saptaha, day 5 (English) – Brazil

-Taking the remnants of а vaishnava makes one’s life successful.

-About shiva-tattva.

-Number of qualities of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva & jivas.

-Vrajendra-nandana Shyamasundara is Supreme & guiding Brahma, Shiva & Vishnu.

-Jiva-koti Brahma vs Ishvara-koti Brahma. How jiva becomes Brahma.

-Jiva-koti Shiva vs Ishvara-koti Shiva. How jiva becomes Shiva.

-Avidya-avrita jivas, avidya-anavrita jivas

-Different types of jivas 1. Jivas covered by maya’s gunas – demigods, humans, animals, birds. 2. Mukta-jivas; 3. Empowered jivas; 4.Brahmalina jivas.

-How 4 Kumaras gave up Brahmana meditation & got attracted to Lord

-Cursing of Jaya & Vijaya & their 3 lives.

-Krishna appeared from the womb of Devaki & He took birth from Yashoda-maiya.

-Drona & Dhara’s prayers to Brahmaji to have vatsalya-bhava towards Lord & enters Krishna’s eternal parents Nanda Baba & Yashoda-maiya during lila.

-Prishni, Sutapa’s prayers to Lord Vishnu to have a son like Him & their 3 lives where Lord Vishnu appeared as their son.

-Prithivi-devi approaching Brahmaji & Brahma’s prayers to Lord Vishnu who pulled out 2 hairs white, black to signify Krishna, Balarama’s appearance.

-Why is that Drona, Dhara worshipping Brahma in dasya-bhava got vatsalya-bhava but not Prishni, Sutapa who worshipped Lord Vishnu directly.

-Nanda Baba doing samskaras to Krishna & giving donations to Vrajavasis & going to Mathura to pay taxes.

-Putana-moksha-lila description & its relation to Vamanadeva Bhagavan lila with Bali Maharaja & his daughter Rathnavali.

-Why is Putana given the position of maid servant of Yashoda-maiya.

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01/03/22am – Shiva-ratri (English) – Brazil

-Story of a king and two gardeners
-War in Ukraine is a will of the Lord
-Krishna’s peaceful mission before Kurukshetra battle
-Srimad-Bhagavatam is topmost Purana
-The glories of Shivaji. Shankaracarya’s philosophy
-No one can serve the Lord as Shiva does. He is a topmost Vaishnava. He fully surrendered to the Lord
-Why Shiva does not have good clothes and a house. Why he has a snake around his body and why he puts ashes on his body
-Once Parvati-devi asked Shivaji to give her a house but Shiva gave it to Ravana
-Blessing of Bhagavan for Dhruva and Prahlada

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28/02/22pm – Sri Bhagavat-saptaha, day 4 (English) – Brazil

-Krishna is Svayam Bhagavan & sarva-avatari.
-Krishna manifested in 4 forms: svayam-rupa, prakasha, tadekatma, avesha.
-Mayadevi’s avaranatmika-vritti & vikshepatmika-vritti.
-By the causeless mercy of guru & Krishna all the unwanted things removed from heart & transcendental form is realised.
-Bhakti-lata-bija & importance of guru-seva for mukti.
-Types of anarthas, aparadhas & stages of anartha-nivritti.
-Maya vibhranta-lila of Bharata Maharaja falling down from bhava-dasa which is impossible in general.
-Bhakti-lata gets destroyed by vaishnava-aparadha.
-Vaishnava’s foot dust takes offence even the vaishnava doesn’t take.
-Chitraketu Maharaja came as Vritarasura due to the curse of Parvathi-devi after Chitraketu Maharaja joked with Lord Shiva.
-Lila of Gaurakishora dasa Babaji Maharaja doing nirjala when asked to take food & saying its ekadashi & taking rice on actual ekadashi day.
-Uttama-maha-bhagavata’s external activities none can understand.
-Vritrasura katha & his prayers to Lord.
-Gopi-bhava is there in Vritrasura slokas recitation.
-How to get free from maya? By thinking everything belongs to Krishna, given by Krishna to us & taken back from us by Krishna.
-Pancha-purushartha krsna-prema is important.
-Chitraketu earlier materialistic life katha.
-The son of Chitraketu Maharaja & Krtadyuti killed by Krtadyuti’s cowives.
-Narada Rishi brought Chitraketu’s son back to life & the child’s conversation with his father on jnana & vairagya.
-When the predicted time comes you have to give up this body & relations of this body.
-Lila of Krishna & Narada Rishi acting like the role of guru & disciple going to a proud richman & giving him blessing & to a humble old widow blessing her cow to die.
-Story of king, wife, minister & a dancer where the necklace goes from king in succession to dancer to signify cheating material love.
-Chitraketu Maharaja realised & gave up family , took diksha from Sankarshana & did bhajana-sadhana.
-Nityananda Prabhu & Chaitanya Mahaprabhu promised to deliver from the material world when one chants.
-Never criticise vaishnava & guru.
-About grantha-bhagavata & bhakta-bhagavata, guru-lila & krishna-lila.
-Difference between Krsna’s avirbhava in Mathura to janma in Gokula.
-Kamsa’s actual father & his atrocities of arresting Ugrasena.
-Why Prahlada Maharaja, a great devotee of Lord, born to demon Hiranyakasipu
& what is the yogamaya’s arrangement.
-Kamsa driving Devaki, Vasudeva & hearing aerial voice what Kamsa did.
-3 persons not to be killed: ladies, cows, babies & old men.
-Always give respect to ladies. 5 important ladies to be remembered in morning for purification
-Krishna reminding Devaki, Vasudeva of their previous lives & His benediction to them.
-Krishna’s orders to Vasudeva to take Him to Gokulа.
-Kamsa trying to kill a baby who manifests as Durga-devi & tells about his death at the hands of a baby boy already born.

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28/02/22 am – Questions and answers (English) – Brazil

-Question: How to give up all bad habits and surrender to Guru?
-Question: Why is the process of anartha-nivritti so slow?
-Question: How to attain greed to hari-katha?
-3 symptoms of spiritual greed
-Gurudev is a boatman who helps living entities cross the material ocean
-Duties of diksha-guru and shiksha-guru
-Story of Kunti’s son Karna
-Palya-dasi kori Lalita Sundari nourishes living entities. She is very merciful
-Srila Trivikrama Gosvami Maharaja did everything on his own: serving the Deities, cooking food, looking after the cows, sewing things, etc. Uma Didi had so much sanga of him, he chastised her heavily

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