Playlist - Brazil 2022

21/01/22 midday – On Brazilian TV (English) – Brazil

-Question: Is the Covid pandemic the individual karma of humans or is it the karma of countries and the world?-Question: If God gives people intelligence, what can they do to fight a pandemic except turn to God in prayer? Can they, using the intelligence given to them, create medicines...

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21/01/22am – Mahaprabhu meets Bhatta parivara (English) – Brazil

-Sarvahbauma Bhattacharya takes shelter of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu-Mahaprabhu meets Raya Ramananda near Godavari-Lord Caitanya proceeds to Srirangam temple and everyone is attracted by Him and His dancing, singing-Without parakiya-bhava, rasa-lila will not be manifested-Gopis ask Krishna...

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20/01/22pm – God is our original father (English) – Brazil

-Harer nama, harer nama, harer nama iva kevalam sloka-Adhyatmika, adhibhautika, adhidaivika-Who is happy in this world?-The transcendental world is beyond threefold miseries of maya-The story of the king who wanted to know who God is, where He is and what He does-God is giving strength to...

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20/01/22pm – Glories of Vaishnava (English) – Brazil

-Who is a Vaishnava.-About shaiva, sourya, ganapatta, shakta.-All jivatma manifested from Vishnu.-Lord is brihad & jiva is anu.-All the jivas dharma is to serve Krishna.-Demoniac nature vs devatas nature.-Everything in this world happens according to Lord’s desire.-Draupadi...

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18/01/22 pm – Special age of Kali (English) – Brazil

-In Kali-yuga people are always quarelling, have hypocrisy and duplicity-If you chant holy names in Kali-yuga, all your flaws will disappear and you will reach God-In Kali-yuga proper fire sacrifices are impossible-Just chant holy names and you will get benefits of all yugas-Human beings...

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17/01/22pm – Glories of Giriraja Govardhana (English) – Brazil

-Meaning of words Girirajа & Govardhanа.-Without the mercy of Girirajа Govardhanа shuddha-bhakti won’t manifest.-Krishna descended from the spiritual world along with His eternal associates into the material world to perform lila & shower mercy on jivas.-Srila Parama...

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