-Isopanishad oṁ pūrṇam adaḥ pūrṇam idaṁ sloka discussion.
-Krishna is complete whereas jiva isn’t.
-Achinta means beyond material conceptions.
-3 aspects of Absolute truth – Brahman, Paramatma, Bhagavan with respect to
-Brahma-jyoti illuminating many universes & source for sun & moon’s rays.
-Bhagavan manifested many forms in Vaikuntha, Ayodhya, Dvaraka, Mathura & Vrindavana.
-Bhagavan’s origin & topmost form is human being form.
-Vrajavasis never think Krishna as Bhagavan & see Him in laukika satbhanduvat priti.
-Krishna kills Putana & her body gets transformed into fragrant smell from bad smell.
-Govindadeva form is beautiful tribanga-lalita form.
-If you get captivated by Krishna’s beauty you will cry in Vrindavana.
-Krishna manifested 2 forms: one is aishvarya & another is madhurya.
-Cit-shakti, jiva-shakti & maya-shakti.
-About footprints of Krishna, cows, deer & peacock.
-Govinda means He gives pleasure to all cows, gopis.
-All the living entities want to meet with Bhagavan.
-Ravana even after conquering demigods, being jnani isn’t happy.
-Chant holy names & surrender to guru & Krishna you will be happy.
-After darshana of Lord one gets bliss & forgets all material happiness.

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