• Without reading the sandarbha of Jiva goswami, you cannot be a Vaisnava.
  • All siddhanta tattva are in the 6 sandarbhas.
  • Definition of the three samdarbhas.
  • Meaning of the word ‘Om’.
  • The different books that Jiva Gosvami wrote.
  • Description of the rasa dance.
  • How Krsna pacified the gopis and the mood of Srimati Radhika.
  • History of the three sons-in-law.
  • Radha prema is topmost
  • Life story of Jiva Gosvami.
    -Lila of Vallabhacarya trying to edit the grantha of Rupa Gosvami.
  • Supreme perfection of our gaudiya sampradaya.
  • Who is the best Ganga river or Yamuna river?

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