-Narayana manifested all kinds of tattva in the heart of Brahmaji
-The sound of the flute changes all nature: moving objects become stunned and vice versa
-How did Chandra see rasa if he is not in female form?
-Demigods did not see the rasa-lila
-Story of Chandra favoring Rohini Nakshatra over other nakshatras (constellations)
-Chandra’s father-in-law curses him for his affair with Rohini nakshatra and Chandra loses his limbs and becomes round
-Sun-god is not as lucky as Chandra and does not obtain stri-bhava as his rays are very hot
-A chaste lady curses the Sun-god and he loses his limbs and becomes round
-Other demigods have hands and legs
-Raya Ramananda asks Mahaprabhu if Bhagavan is sannyasi or gopa or kanchana panchalika (golden doll) as he see all of this Bhagavan’s manifestations one after another
-Krishna’s color is not black it’s very deep blackish cloud (gana shyama)
-Lila of Krishna meeting Radha in the middle of the night (Krishna is telling His name to Radha one by one but She rejected all these names with an indirect interpretation of them)
-The Deities of Sri Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Matha are unique. They are sambhoga Radha and Krishna at their real age
-Where a pure Vaishnava is, there Vrindavan is. This is evidenced by the beautiful deities from Sri Rupa Sanatana Gaudiya Matha

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