Part 1

-Discussion about the sloka janmady asya yatah.
-Does Brahma has a form? Advaitavadis & upanishads view.
-24 material ingredients,Atma & Paramatma ,Purusa & Prakriti
-Srimati Radhika in maan doesn’t want to see Krishna as He is black.
-Krishna is like sun & maya is darkness.
-Simile of spider with cobweb to creation of material world.
-Simile of hair, nails as part of body as well not to Bhagvan’s maya shakti.
-Even devatas also gets bewildered by Bhagvan’s Lila.
-Parikshit Maharaj’s question as why Krishna’s heart didn’t melt looking at gopis suffering after He left rasa lila.
-Houses are locked for good people to avoid making them bad mistakes.
-Taste , Touch , Form , Sound , smell is there in transcendental world.
-Sun is there in spiritual world.
-Parama tattva is one. Bhagavan doesn’t take from outside.
-Story of a guru coming to disciple’s house.
-Devatas also gets attracted to Bhagavan’s Lila.
-Devatas activities shouldn’t be misunderstood Eg:Shivaji & Mohini devi.
-Lila of Shivaji fighting with Krishna & going to Puri for Jagannatha’s.
-We have to be careful & shouldn’t see externally the activities of Uttama MahaBhagavath.
-Story of a child saying to his father that you aren’t studying.
-To cheat asuras & give anuraag for bhaktas Bhagavan does lila.
-Draupadi Yudhistra Maharaj samvad on why he put her in gambling.
-Uttama Bhagavath all activities as per Bhagavan’s iccha.
-Nityananda Prabhu is Bhagavan & not to imitate Lord.
-Sukhadev goswami said Bhagavan relishes Milan lila with viraha as viraha nourishes Milan
-Brahma Vimohana Lila.Bhagavan’s different shaktis.
-Being one He manifested in 3 swaroops Krishna , Baladev prabhu & Radharani.Baladev prabhu is considered as shaktiman & Radharani as shakti.
-Bhagavan manifests as Dham with His sandhini sakti.

Part 2

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