-Jivas dharma is to hear the nectarian Katha of Bhagavan especially of Radha Krishna.
-Dham manifestations Drushyman prakasa,Prakrata dham & Aprakrata dham.
-Bhagavan’s 3 prominent lilas(Narasimha Lila,Rama Lila, Krishhna Lila).
-Rasa Lila is topmost among lilas.
-Krishna Lila glorification is suddha jiva natural dharma.
-Bhagavan shows His swaroop madhurya based on devotee bhava. Comparsion with Vaidurya Mani
-Bhagavath bhakta sanga is Shreya(auspicious) & based on rasa.
-We have to do smaran of Krishna’s Name , Form , qualities.
-Krishna left gopis in rasa lila & did His heart not melt seeing their ditress.
-Can Jnanis show compassion? What is compassion in transcendental realm.
-Srila BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswatipad’s story of saving a drowning man.
-What does a sad guru gives in comparsion to asad guru
-Steps to enter into Ragunaga bhakti. Stages of serving guru.
-First Guru dhyana , Mahaprabhu dhyana & then Radha Krishna dhyana.
-Only by guru Kripa one will know his swaroop & will do atma dhyana.
-Krishna conversation with gopis to meditate on His lotus feet.
-Story of a boy saying his grandmother responsible for bad activities.
-How to treat children in different ages?
-Priti in conditioned state & transfering it to guru , Vaishnava first & then Bhagavan.
-Follow your duty & serve guru , vaishnava.
-Goswamis in sadhak form & siddha form.
-Stay with mind in Vrindavan if not physically possible.
-Srila Paramadev’s Vraja katha & Vrindavan Parikrama.

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