-Question: How did Giriraja Govardhana manifest from Srimati Radhika’s heart?
-Giriraja Govardhana is bhagavata-tattva and bhakta-tattva
-God has achintya-shakti and manifests with the help of it His incarnations
-Giriraja Govardhana is Krishna Himself
-Why Krishna lifts Giriraj Govardhan
-Srimati Radhika is so humble. She thinks Giriraja Govardhana serves Krishna better than She since She has no subhagya
-Rama-Krishna charana sparsha – when Giriraja Govardhana touched Krishna’s feet he started to shake because there were traces of kunkuma from Srimati Radhika’s body
-Giriraja Govardhana gives flowers, fruits, hot and cold water, caves
-Srimati Radhika says: By the mercy of Giriraja Govardhana we can meet our beloved Krishna
-Question: Why did Mahaprabhu instruct not to stay long in Vrindavan?
-Real Vrajavasi is always thinking about Vraja
-Giriraja Govardhana is sakhi-tattva, not sakhya-bhava
-There is separation inside the meeting
-Question: Why does Krishna not open His viraha to Baladeva Prabhu?
-Question: Why do Vrajavasis worship Giriraja?

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