-Bhakti-yoga elements. Gopis do everything to please Krishna (krsnarte akila-cesta) and give up everything for the sake of him (krsnarte bhoga-tyagi)
-Question: Who is the senior devotee?
-How to treat different types of devotees
-Vaishnava is the one who took diksha-mantras from a sad-guru
-Some Portuguese words resemble Vraja language. Nama-abhasa is coming. That’s why Brazilian devotees are so sweet and enthusiastic
-Question: Is Uchchhishta and avashistha prasada the same?
-If a Gurudev just looks at prasad, it already becomes maha-maha prasad
-Prasad must not be spat on as in kalachandra-sampradaya they do
-Only Mahaprabhu can give His remnants
-Question: If we eat off someone else’s plate, do we get their qualities?
-Question: Can 3 types of viraha and milana in the past, present and future (bhavva, bhavi and bhavana) be applied to guru and disciple?
-Question: Why do we celebrate Madhvacharya and Ramanujacharya days but not celebrate Vishnusvami and Nimbaditya days?
-Question: When maha prasad is handed out and we pick it up from the floor, can we take this maha prasad in front of the altar of Radha and Krishna?


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