-Question: Is Mirabai a form of Madhvacharya in the gaura-lila?
-Question: Are the Gayatri mantras recited in the spiritual world?
-Lila-anukula in Vrindavana. Role of Yogamaya
-Question: How did Krishna manifest in the form of Jagannatha?
-Krishna’s separation in Dvaraka-puri
-Samyogini-Radha, Viyogini-Radha
-Krishna is a close family member for the Vrajavasis
-Question: What happens if Srimati Radhika plays the flute?
-Question: What is the significance of gunja berries?
-Question: What does Lord Jagannatha feel in His heart? Why does He smile?
-Question: What is the meaning of Sudarshana-chakra?


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