-On svarupa: examples of svati nakshatra falling on snakes and elephants
-Yatha yatha gaura padaravinde
-Why Uddhava did not stay in Vrindavana with Sri Radha and gopis
-Without anartha-nivritti you will not be able to realise your svarupa
-You have a potential but it is very minute which will manifest in association with nitya-siddhas
-Definition of sadhana-bhakti – kriti shabda
-A sadhaka will be free from his anarthas only by the mercy of Sri Guru. But a sadhaka has to surrender and endeavor
-Question: How to surrender if we have anarthas?
-Everyday read ‘Manah-shiksha’
-Give up mundane talks, take maha-prasada, listen to hari-katha

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